Installation for Lexus GSF/RCF brake caliper on various Lexus Applications



  • Front and Rear OEM Brembo GSF/RCF calipers
  • Front and Rear OEM Brembo GSF/RCF rotors
  • Rear bracket mounting kit

Alternate rotor options

  • OEM toyota or Brembo would be best
  • Centric/Stoptech Sport rotors are great
  • Autozone


  1. Will require modifications to front and/or rear dust shield
  2. Will require modifications to rear calipers
  3. Will require wheels larger than 19" and can clear BBK


Year(s) Model(s) Additional Information
2006 - 2013 IS250*, IS350* Direct bolt on front. No solution for rear.
2006 - 2011 GS300*, GS350*, GS430, GS450H, GS460 Direct bolt on front. No solution for rear.
2014 + IS250*, IS200T*, IS300*, IS350* Direct bolt on front. Bracket required on rear
2013 - 2016 GS350, GS450H Direct bolt on front. Bracket required on rear
2016 GS200T Direct bolt on front. Bracket required on rear
2015 - 2016 RC200T, RC350 Direct bolt on front. Bracket required on rear
  * RWD or AWD  



Some Lexus model year GS, IS, and RC have the ability to bolt-on 6 POT front Brembo calipers onto the car. These calipers with the right rotors will be a direct bolt-on without any use of shims, bracket or spacers. Depending on the model of the car, the rear Brembo caliper can be a direct bolt-on. There are two different version of the Lexus Brembo Calipers. 08-14 Lexus ISF or the 15-17 GSF/RCF.

The GSF/RCF calipers are a direct bolt-on when using the GSF/RCF front rotors. Because the rotors are 14.9" in size, a modification to the front dust shield will be required. Cutting off or bending the dust shield can work too. Or a full swap to front RCF and GSF dust shield if you own a 2015+ RC or 2013+ GS. If you own a 2ND Gen IS or 3RD Gen GS then this entire setup would be bolt on only on the front. There is no current solution for the rear. Any base model cars will require a change of dust shield for the front or removal/cut of the dust shield. The rear will require a cut of the dust shield on most model cars. If you own a GS or RC then you have the option to purchase GSF or RCF  rear dust shields. The high cost of these shields might force you into cutting your dust shields.  Only the 3RD Gen IS models don't have much of an option to purchase capable dust shields.

There are no special brake lines needed. You can purchase SS brake lines for your car's model and it will bolt up. Rear mounting kits has full instructions on installation.